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“Onoma” is the greek word for “name”
ONOMA is totally you, in a hotel version.

The Builders
photo exhibition

The Builders photo exhibition Image

The Builders
photo exhibition

The photographer


Thessaloniki is his base but he travels everywhere.
He likes to work on architectural projects, food, products
and portraits. He has exhibited his work abroad
and he is well recognised for his distinct way of
capturing the soul and for his unique gift to snap into
people’s personal realities.

Nikos <br>Vavdinoudis
Street artist


SER is one of the pioneers of the Urban-Street Art Scene
of Greece. His work, a curiously eclectic blend
of old school graffiti, comic culture and pop surrealism,
has a dark undertone yet is highly satirical, employing
an arsenal of monstrous but somewhat benign
characters, to highlight and comment on the absurdity
of human nature.

Street artist


Megoulas Yassonas (a.k.a Cacao Rocks), born
in 1985 in Athens, Greece. Son of the sculptor
Georges Megoulas. Active in the street art since
1999. Studied French Literature at UOA
and at the Univercite d’Angers in France.
You can see one of his master works here.



Our Composers operate as travel friends and
as direct links to local people and culture. We want
them to be completely devoted to our guests
and help them create a unique travel experience,
that is why they have a mission to serve them
the best they can.