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“Onoma” is the greek word for “name”
ONOMA is totally you, in a hotel version.

Get ready for personalised experiences

Get ready for personalised experiences Image
Get ready for personalised experiences Image
Get ready for personalised experiences Image
Get ready for personalised experiences Image

Get ready for personalised experiences

A cocktail with your name Image

twisted Mojito

twisted Mojito

Street Art BarCloud Bar

A cocktail
with your name

Miraculous things happen at our “Cloud Bar”
and “Street Art Bar”. One of them is that we create
extravagant cocktails that are tottaly inspired by our
guest’s personality and carry their name. Cheers.



We respect our guests precious time so we prefer
to set arrival matters in a more creative way. We hate
stereotype procedures and that is why we have installed
automated check in with added perks, rewards and fun time.

Just like in an airport, our guests can choose
the easy, simple and time effective way of auto check-in.
In few moments, all are clear for fun to begin.
Check-in begins long before arrival by connecting
to the hotel’s app.

Auto check-in Image

Photo Booth Image



An amusing way to take photos, share them
and become a celebrity on the spot. Photos can be
projected right there and then on the big wall
of the check-in area. Strike a pose please.


Ground floor

Create your

Our “personalise -all” philosophy has a scent of its own.
At the hotel’s Perfume Bar you can create your own perfume
and name it afer you. The bottle will have your name printed
on its label and it will arrive in a special packaging.
Ask a composer to help you with the procedure.

create your perfume
Create your perfume Image 1 Create your perfume Image 2
Star gazing Image
Cloud Bar


We are a hotel with a telescope and with guests
that appreciate a bit of star gazing now and then.
Situated at the Cloud Bar our telescope
can see galaxies and capture the magic light
of stars and constellations.



Who would tell that lots of balls in a room can be
such a great mood lifter. And we’ve got hundreds of them.
Our Playroom is available to all guests who need
to stop being so “comme il faut” and wish to engage in serious
fun and playful endeavors.

Playroom Fun Image 1
Enjoy good mood food Image
Good Mood Food Restaurant

Enjoy good
mood food

Quality traveling is so much more than accumulating
souvenirs. It is discovering and taking with you some
rare gems of the local culture. Taste some local dishes
with a certain gourmet twist, created by our genious chefs.
Basketball court


You’ve got to see this. In the midst of humanity’s
existential battle with the round ball, we have
prepared the right surreal backdrop for you to
practice your dribble. Master some skills and
improve your technique of shooting and of
photo-shooting, because this basketball court
is the most one of a kind background
you will ever find.

Basketball Image 1