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“Onoma” is the greek word for “name”
ONOMA is totally you, in a hotel version.

like home

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like home



It feels like home but even better. “Homework” is the perfect flexible, multipurpose venue setting for contemporary out of the box meetings, conferences, social receptions, parties and get- togethers. With a stylish home-like decor, flooded with natural light, surrounded by homey objects, any event becomes exciting and un-boring. “Homework” can be modified and adapted to host from a few people to the crowd of your dreams

Events & meetings


  • Free wifi
  • Superfast internet access in all areas, scanning & printining
  • Natural lighting with blackout options
  • Soundproof separating panels
  • Smart TV & AV equipment
  • Technical support during preparation / set up
  • Speaker Panel
  • Laptop / Moveable lectern
  • Hybrid Events
  • Registration area ( upon request)
  • Notepads and pens Hotel Branded (upon request with extra charge)
  • Panel with microphone (upon request)
  • Speaker’s podium on a stage (upon request)
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Touch the
sky events

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Events & meetings

Cloud Bar

Any event is elevated at the Cloud Bar. Inspired by the vast openness of the digital data place called cloud, Cloud Bar connects its users with some of the most spectacular 360o views of the city. With three connected spaces and a pool, in a garden scenery, enjoy the perfect setting for your wedding, social gathering or business event.

  • customized cocktails
  • great wine selection by the glass
  • infused coffees

Co-working spaces

Hey, O_Nomads
go ahead and use us

A shout out to every working traveler, every proud
digital nomad that discovered the true, current
meaning of creative production. Use us, please,
in every way you can. Our O_Nomads service
is here to set the ideal co-working space for you
in ONOMA Hotel so you can base your virtual
office here, with fast internet connection and spaces
that are inspirational and cool.

Check the package that is right for you.

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