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“Onoma” is the greek word for “name”
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Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

This website utilizes “cookies”, which are small text files containing information which a webpage (and in particular the web server) stores on the user’s computer, without taking cognizance of any document or file on the user’s computer. Cookies contain some information such as the webpage’s name and certain digits and numbers. Every time the user connects to a webpage, the latter recovers this information and offers the user services which relate to said information. A characteristic example of such information is the user’s preferences, as such are declared by way of the user’s selections in the webpage in question (eg, clicking on certain “buttons” for searches and advertisements, etc.). Cookies improve the website with respect to the user’s comfort and use.

2. Which cookies do we use?

Absolutely essential cookies: These make our website function. They remember the dates you wish to stay at our hotel, what type of room you want and that you have connected to your account. They also allow us to collect information relating to the use of the website and our applications, thus facilitating the improvement of their operation. Your consent for the use of absolutely essential cookies is not required.

Performance cookies: Performance cookies allows us to check for technical issues and problems in our website and whether you experience such while using our website. They also allow us to extract usage and performance statistics.

Operational cookies: This type of cookies collect information relating to the language utilized for the content of our website, while they remember your user name (if the settings for connection to a website have been defined), so as to be able to connect faster. They also remember your preferred font-size, your location and, generally, help us personalize your experience.

Monitoring and advertising cookies and similar technologies: We use this type of cookies and similar technologies to offer advertisements we feel may relate more closely to your interests. This tactic may be based on your browsing activity and is known as on-line behavioral advertising. Cookies are installed in your browser and remember the websites you have visited. Advertisements are then shown, based on what you have browsed.

Web beacons and pixel tags: These technologies help us count the users on a website and check if a cookies has been activated. They help us see how popular the contents of our website are on a case-by-case bases and whether an e-mail has been delivered at a recipient, has been opened by its recipient and whether the links contained in it have been selected. We use this information to monitor the effectiveness and success of our campaigns.

Flash Cookies: While you browse our website, cookies may be created by Flash software. This software is usually installed in your browser as an extension and used to display moving graphics or video. Our website, for example, utilizes Flash technologies to display its videos, while some advertisements may also display Flash content. For this reason, cookies may be installed on your browser using the Flash application. You may read the Cookies Policy of company Adobe, the producer of Flash software, at webpage:

Device fingerprinting: We may occasionally utilize the information from a browser to detect the location of this device, perform analysis, prevent fraud and properly display the content.

Advertising cookies: Allow us and other advertisers to showcase the most relevant products, offers and advertisements on our website or the websites of third parties, or by e-mail or other message platforms. Certain advertising cookies, for example, help the providers of our services and other advertisers to pick ads based on your interests, including those expressed or inferred from your visits to our website or use of our applications or to visits to other websites, on-line services and applications in the passage of time. Other help prevent the continuous reappearance of the same ad. These type of cookies also help us in providing content in our website tailored to your needs and interests.

Analytics cookies: These cookies collect information relating to your use of our website and allow us to improve its operation. These cookies offer aggregate information used to monitor the website’s performance, count page visits, detect technical errors, monitor the ways by which users come to our websites and help us measure the effectiveness of our advertisements on a case-by-case basis (including the e-mails forwarded to you). We also utilize this technology to determine how people who contacted us over the telephone visited our website again, either via a search engine or by simply clicking on an advertisement. This helps us identify how people learned about us.

Statistics cookies: These cookies are used to collect statistical data relating to visitors, such as how many people have visited our website, the kind of technology they use (Windows or Mac), which then helps us determine those cases when our website would not function as expected. We can also determine how long a visitor stays on our website and what pages visitor choose to browse.

Third-party cookies: While you browse our website, third party organizations and companies may produce their own anonymous cookies to check the operation of their applications and to personalize them for you. For example, while you are browsing our website and share our article in the social networking services we offer (eg, Facebook or Twitter), then these social networking services produce cookies to remember your connection to them, but also to measure your activities. Due to the nature of such cookies, hotel ONOMA has no control over or access to them and no other organization may have access to the contents stored in them. Such third companies and organizations have their own Cookies and Privacy Policies.

NOTE: To the extend that the information collected by Cookies and other technologies constitute personal data, the provisions of our Privacy Policy (…) shall apply, which also complement this Cookies Policy.

3. The way by which we use cookies

When you use and have access to our website, we may install a number of cookie files on your browser.

We use cookies for the following purposes: to activate certain functions of our webpage; to provide analytical information; to store your preferences; for you to activate advertisements, including behavioral or targeted advertising.

Using cookies helps us improve our website and our services, thus responding to your potential needs.

4. How to manage cookies

You can manage and/or delete cookies – for more information you can visit, which includes detailed information on how to manage cookies in the most popular browsers. More specifically, you can delete or deactivate all cookies already on your computer and you can setup most browsers in such a way so as to decline their installation. However, if you choose to do so, you may need to manually adjust some of your preferences whenever you visit a website, while certain services and functions may not work properly or at all. Any deactivation or restriction of the capacity to accept cookies will affect the uninterrupted and effective use of the services provided by our website.

5. Changes to this Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy may be revised and change at any time. Should we do this, the changes will be noted on the top of this page. Any such changes are rendered binding when one uses a website for the first time after said changes come into effect. It is recommended that users consult this page at regular intervals, to check for changes. In case of any conflict between the current Cookies Policy and any previous version thereof, the current provisions shall supersede, save if explicitly provided otherwise.

6. Data Controller’s Contact Information

You can contact us in one of the following ways:

24 Monastiriou St., P.C. 54629
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: +30 2314 423 300
Fax: +30 2310 512 892

7. Data Protection Officer’s (DPO’ s) Contact Information